Summer 2023 involved a lot of exciting developments at CBTeam, including the launch of Camp Courage! This camp was such an amazing week full of bravery, connection, and emotional vulnerability.

There are certain moments where I say to our amazing team, “This is why.” Writing this post celebrating the success of Camp Courage is another one of those moments. 🙂

What a beautiful example of how our team of caring and dedicated clinicians can make SUCH a difference in the lives of 20 youth from around the United States, who came to our first ever week-long Camp Courage over the summer. Shout-out to our camp director Dr. Moselle Campbell for her hard work and amazing leadership!

Camp Courage Announcement

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and campers, as well as outcome data showing notable reductions in anxiety symptoms, CBTeam has a big announcement…

We will be offering TWO weeks of Camp Courage next summer:

June 2024: Monday, June 24 – Friday, June 28
August 2024: Monday, August 19 – Friday, August 23

We are looking forward to making even more memories in summer 2024!

Summer 2024 Enrollment

For more information or to take advantage of our early enrollment discount, please reach out to Dr. Moselle Campbell at