Camp Courage

Worry Warriors at Camp Courage

Worry Warriors at Camp Courage

Need help fighting your OCD Monster or Anxiety Villain?

Enroll in Camp Courage to learn CBT strategies to increase self-confidence, tame your anxiety, and live the life you want!

Camp provides a fun and supportive environment where therapeutic counselors will lead individual and group games that challenge youth to be brave and get out of their comfort zone! Camp Courage is for ages 7-15 years and will be held on June 26–30, 2023.

Previous camp activities include:

  • Slime fights
  • Talent shows
  • Fake vomit tub
  • Bug show
  • Messy Projects
  • Trust Challenges

Fun prizes available: candy, plush toys, robux, fidgets, etc.

Please email Moselle Campbell at to learn more and sign up for Camp Courage!

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