Introducing Courageous Kids!

We are excited to announce the launch of Courageous Kids at CBTeam. Courageous Kids includes all of our child intensive programs (Club Courage, Camp Courage, and Courage Academy). The goal across all of our programs is to help anxious kids and teens learn to be more courageous and have fun with peers. Check out this newsletter to learn more!

Beating the Winter Blues!

Hi Friends! We had so much fun this past winter at Club Courage. We learned new skills, tried new activities, and worked on beating the Winter Blues! We will continue the fun this Spring at Club Courage. Each group will have a different fun activity that will help you learn to manage your anxiety. You can come every week or only once a month. See you Wednesday nights at 5pm!

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Spring Forward

Spring is a time of year that can lead to a lot of change. The days become longer and warmer. Flowers begin to bloom. In addition, friendships can begin tochange. Kids at school start talking about going to a new school next year. All these changes can bring up a lot of anxiety and

worry! At Club Courage during the next few months we will focus on learning how to manage future changes, practice being flexible, and share upcoming changes and worries. Check out the home tips below for more ways to manage spring changes!

Lucia experienced a BIG change this Winter. Her sister Mia joined Club Courage! This was a hard and scary change for Lucia at first. Lucia worried that her sister would spread germs to one of her favorite places, the CBTeam child group room. Lucia was very brave and worked really hard at completing exposures with Moselle, Jaya, and Lisa. She also learned how to think flexibly and shared her fear at group. Now Lucia and Mia have a lot of fun at group together and Lucia is no longer afraid of germs!

Home Tips

  • Try different creative activities to get your emotions out
  • Like make an art station, play a world building game, make homemade pizza and cookies, have a dance party
  • Share your worries about upcoming changes
  • Parents and trusted adults can help you work through your worries
  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Change can be hard for everyone!

What is a change you are looking forward to over the next few months?
“I’m looking forward to sunny days at the beach!” -Moselle
“I look forward to having friends over to our porch and turning the little fairy lights on in the evenings, and of course, I’m excited about the leaves returning to the trees!” – Jaya
“I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather for taking long walks with my dog, playing tennis outside, and not bundling up so much!” – Lisa
“I’m excited to meet new friends this summer!” – Lucia
“I’m excited for my first year of Camp Courage!” – Mia

Join us for Camp Courage! Over the summer we create a one-week long summer day camp at CBTeam where we do things like food fights, holding snakes, being vulnerable, and fake vomit challenges. Kids and teens have fun, connect with peers, and learn CBT skills.

Join us June 24-28 and/or August 19-23!

Please reach out to Dr. Moselle Campbell at to sign up for camp!

Launching this Fall
Courage Academy!

This half day intensive program will provide kids and teens 1-2 hours of group therapy and 1 hour of individual therapy and exposure coaching. This program will be a great fit for kids and teens struggling with social anxiety, perfectionism, obsessive thinking and behaviors, separation anxiety, and panic attacks that significantly impact school, family, and social life. They will be able to learn CBT strategies and face their fears in a fun and supportive environment.

Note: our Courage Academy website page is under construction. Please reach out to Dr. Moselle Campbell at for more information!

Coming soon
Lucia’s Coloring Book!

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