Festively Weird all December!

Hi Friends! We had so much fun this past December at Club Courage. We learned new skills, made new friends, and worked on being Festively Weird! We will continue the fun this winter season   at Club Courage. Each group will continue to have a different fun activity that will help you learn to manage your anxiety. You can come every week or only once a month. See you Wednesday nights at 5pm!

-Lucia (Follow Lucia on Instagram at LuciaCBTeam!)

Upcoming Club Dates:

1/3: Skills Lab
1/10: Skills Lab
1/17: Brave Challenge
1/24: Peer Connection
1/31: Skill Lab
2/7: Brave Challenge
2/14: Peer Connection
2/28: Skills Lab
3/6: Brave Challenge
3/13: Peer Connection
3/20: Brave Challenge
3/27: Skills Lab

This month’s theme is Winter Blues!

• Do you feel more anxious or irritable during the winter time compared to other months?
• Do you have low motivation to complete activities when it is cloudy or dark outside?
• Do you worry more about completing your schoolwork during the winter?
• Do you feel more tired when it is cold outside?

You are not alone! Many kids struggle with feeling more anxious or sad during the winter. The shorter days and limited activities can affect how we feel. The winter months can also bring up more worries. At Club Courage during the next few months we will focus on learning how to manage the winter blues. Below are also phone app recommendations and home tips!

Home Tips

• Seek the sun
• Open the blinds
• Play outside during the day
• Move your body
• Try a winter sport
• Have a daily dance party
• Try child/teen yoga
• Keep a consistent schedule
• Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day
• Practice gratitude
• Create a gratitude jar
• Write gratitude notes to family and friends
• Hang out with friends
• Meet up in person as much as possible
• Try something new
• Try a new activity
• Join a new school club

How do you manage the Winter Blues?

• I like to read near a window and soak up the sun. – Moselle
• I like to make a “long cold nights” playlist full of fun and lively music. – Jaya
• I like to bundle up and take a walk to let the fresh air hit my face. – Lisa
• I like to go ice skating and skiing during the winter! – Lucia

Therapy Phone Apps

• MindShift
• BoosterBuddy
• Clarity
• Smiling Mind
• Mood Meter
• Mightier Kids
• Daylio
• Dare