Group Therapy

CBTeam offers an assortment of group therapy services that range from an introductory course on the core aspects of treatment to on-going individual and family support groups. Similar to all services at CBTeam, groups are conducted in a warm and supportive manner and balance didactic teaching with time for discussion and practice.

We are currently running the following groups:

CBTeam Foundations

Offered to new clients of all ages and those on our waiting list, CBTeam Foundations is a six week long group which meets one time per week for an hour. The purpose of this group is to provide an introduction to the types of strategies we commonly use in therapy at CBTeam. For some people, this group might be enough to get them started on their own path to living fully and freely with OCD/Anxiety. For others, it might be a foundation that helps them hit the ground running when they begin meeting with a therapist individually. CBTeam Foundations will be run by Dr. Elena Molokotos and Dr. Jason Elias.

Exposure Process Group

Offered to any current or former clients at CBTeam, our Exposure Process Group is a weekly group that runs year round and serves as a meeting place for individuals going through the journey of exposure therapy. Guided discussions are provided by one of our staff members and focus on content like motivation vs. willingness, doing exposures effectively, making exposures fun, exposure problem shooting, etc. These groups are provided for children and teens as well as adults.

Social Skills Group

Often as a component of our Speech and Language Therapy Program, we provide a social and communication skills group for ages 7-15 and 16-30. Content covered includes teaching and practice related to day-to-day communication and social interactions, such as effective nonverbal communication, perspective taking and “reading the room,” appropriate verbal and emotional expression, getting your needs met, and other related aspects of navigating our social world.

SPACE Treatment Program

If you are a parent of a child or adolescent with OCD and anxiety symptoms, which make it difficult for your child, we offer our SPACE Program, Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions Treatment Program. SPACE is a parent-focused treatment designed to help parents learn how to effectively support their children and adolescents experiencing OCD and anxiety symptoms.

For more information about Group Therapy, please contact our intake coordinator Nathan Morin at

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