Speech & Language Pathology Therapy

SLP Program

Children, youth, and young adults often struggle with one of the core building blocks of communication-speech comprehension and language production. Our licensed speech and language pathologist, Lauren Richman, provides evidenced-based individual and group services to help children and youth improve on their speech and language functioning, with an emphasis on effective emotional and communication coping strategies that work for the individual in the real world.

CBTeam’s SLP Program will help you or your child improve both emotionally and socially as our program uses a combined approach where both mental health and speech and language are addressed simultaneously. Through objective and subjective assessment, we will create a treatment plan focused on providing skills that address areas of need for you or your child.

Examples include:

  • Identify, express, and regulate emotions

  • Motor plan and execute speech sounds
  • Self-advocate to get wants and needs met
  • Identity and implement appropriate boundaries within relationships
  • Use language and/or visuals to communicate for a variety of functions
  • Understand differences in communication styles
  • Identify and repair communication breakdowns
  • Understand nonverbal and nonliteral language
  • Understand perspectives within conversation and texts
  • Utilize prosody and different sentence constructions to convey different meanings
  • Develop higher-level thinking skills (e.g., inferencing, predicting, drawing conclusions)
  • Develop coping skills to manage OCD, anxiety, and depressive symptoms

For more information about the SLP Program, please email Nathan Morin at info@cbteam.org.