Jason Elias, Ph.D.
Jason Elias, Ph.D.Director & Founder, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (he/him/his)

Education & Academic Accomplishments

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College

  • Graduate: Master’s of Science and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia

  • Pre-doctoral Internship: New Orleans VA Medical Center

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship: OCD Institute at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

  • Research: Over 100 conference presentations and 20 peer-reviewed research papers related to information processing bias and OCD treatment outcome

Clinical Training & Interests

Throughout his training and clinical career, Jason specialized in the assessment and treatment of Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders and Anxiety Disorders. He has worked to bridge the gap from the bench to the therapy office through innovative research on how individuals with anxiety process information and mindsets that are most conducive to emotional growth. In this vein, he founded the Office of Clinical Assessment and Research (OCAR) and the graduate practicum training program at the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School which created a ripe environment for collaboration on clinical research between scientists, clinicians, and scientist-practitioners like himself.

As a clinician, Jason is known for his compassion and creativity in delivery of evidenced-based treatment for anxiety. During his time as a Behavioral Therapist and then eight years as the Director of Psychological Services and Clinical Research at McLean Hospital’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Institute, Jason worked to better integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles into Exposure and Response Prevention for severe and often treatment resistant OCD. Due to his clinical reputation, Jason served on many committees at McLean Hospital, including the committee for negotiation and conflict resolution, committee for evidenced based practice strategic planning, education policy committee, and the depression and anxiety workgroup. He also has served as a consulting clinician for the International OCD Foundation Behavioral Therapy Training Institute.

Getting to Know Jason

Jason was born and raised in the farmlands of southwest Ohio before leaving the Buckeye State for his doctoral studies. Jason leads with compassion in all he does and is a teacher at heart, as he loves nothing more than jumping into a spontaneous supervision with staff at CBTeam to brainstorm how to move treatment forward or stepping onto the baseball diamond to coach his son’s little league team. Jason enjoys nature of all kinds and is constantly seeking to understand the newest science related to the human experience.

“Just cause you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.” — Radiohead