The CBTeam child department frequently found ourselves reflecting on how after-school clubs rarely create an environment that is effective for making friends, taking risks, exploring multiple interests, and growing emotionally. This is especially the case for youth who are shy, anxious, or even just unsure of who they are and need extra support and encouragement.

Dr. Campbell, after the successful launch of Camp Courage in 2023, realized that the same elements that made Camp Courage a success would translate well to a weekly after-school group setting.

Thus, Club Courage was born! A plan was made to create a safe, supportive, and educational environment where youth can unwind after school, get out of their comfort zone, and make connections with peers who are similar to them.

A weekly small group of elementary aged kids have been meeting consistently since fall 2024 and the kids are begging for Club to continue into the summer and the next school year. To learn more about what the club has been up to during the 2023-2024 academic year, check out Dr. Campbell’s quarterly Courage Corner blog she writes that details the content being taught each week.

We have recently launched a Club Courage for middle school aged youth and look forward to the coming year where we hope to grow this middle school group and launch a high school focused club as well.

Please reach out to Dr. Moselle Campbell, at for more information or to schedule a free consultation. The club meets Wednesdays from 5-630pm and costs $75. Ask about how Club Courage may be reimbursable by your insurance company.

Courageous Kids