DOT Evaluation

Diagnostic Observation & Treatment Evaluation

A diagnostic evaluation is often a logical starting point in order to ensure all aspects of you or your child’s emotional experience is understood and addressed in a treatment plan. This is especially the case if someone is new to mental health treatment. Most often this is effectively done by the clinician working with you as a part of the first few sessions. That said, there is no substitute for clinical experience and, thus, we offer a DOT Evaluation where our clinical leadership provides an initial evaluation and treatment plan to ensure the most effective approach is being implemented.

The goals of this evaluation would be diagnostic clarification, assessment of treatment readiness, easing concerns and deepening understanding about the therapeutic process, developing an effective and comprehensive treatment plan, and ensuring we match the right clinician to each case. All evaluations will be a minimum of 60 minutes with either Dr. Jason Elias or Dr. Adam Reid at CBTeam, as well other clinicians who may be involved to help with or learn from the evaluation. Additional time beyond 60 minutes will depend on various evaluation measures that will be discussed with you ahead of time. For more information about a DOT Evaluation please contact our intake coordinator Nathan Morin at

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