Kim Smith, M.S.
Kim Smith, M.S.Partner & Head of Business Operations
Jason Elias, Ph.D.
Jason Elias, Ph.D.Partner & Head of Adult Psychological Services
Adam Reid, Ph.D.
Adam Reid, Ph.D.Partner & Head of Child & Adolescent Psychological Services
Kelly Birmingham-Watts, Psy.D.
Kelly Birmingham-Watts, Psy.D. Behavioral Therapist
Moselle Campbell, Ph.D.
Moselle Campbell, Ph.D.Behavioral Therapist
Kelly Ann Colby, Psy.D.
Kelly Ann Colby, Psy.D.Behavioral Therapist
Jacqueline Ferracin, Psy.D.
Jacqueline Ferracin, Psy.D. Director of Training & Behavioral Therapist
Christina Gugino, L.M.H.C.
Christina Gugino, L.M.H.C.Behavioral Therapist
Keith Klein, Ph.D.
Keith Klein, Ph.D.Director of Intensive Outpatient Treatment & Behavioral Therapist
Theresa LaPuma, Ph.D.
Theresa LaPuma, Ph.D.Director of Testing & Behavioral Therapist
Remy Leutwyler, L.C.S.W.
Remy Leutwyler, L.C.S.W.Behavioral Therapist
Elena Molokotos, Ph.D.
Elena Molokotos, Ph.D.Behavioral Therapist
Nathan Morin M.A.
Nathan Morin M.A.Operations Manager & Intake Coordinator
Lisa Andrianopoulos Ph.D.
Lisa Andrianopoulos Ph.D.Behavioral Coach
Jaya Gatchell B.A.
Jaya Gatchell B.A.Behavioral Coach
David Luongo B.A.
David Luongo B.A.Behavioral Coach
Haley Lynch B.S.
Haley Lynch B.S.Behavioral Coach
Victoria Martins B.S.
Victoria Martins B.S.Behavioral Coach
Rachel Most B.S.
Rachel Most B.S.Behavioral Coach
Max Stefanakos B.A.
Max Stefanakos B.A.Behavioral Coach
Maranda Williams B.A.
Maranda Williams B.A.Behavioral Coach

CBTeam Alumni

Lauren Richman, L.I.C.S.W.
Lauren Richman, L.I.C.S.W.